Child Watch in Fitness Facilities – A Perk for Parents and Owners

By Robin Pecka, ALSC Architects

Health and fitness are of utmost importance – we’ve established this. So is the safety and well-being of our children; probably even more so for parents/caretakers that have reservations working out at certain fitness facilities because they are a little leery of the environment where they are dropping off their kids  (I’ll raise my own hand here!).

A quality child watch area in a fitness facility is a “customer” service perk and likely carries weight for many potential users when looking for a fitness facility. Christina Dort, Marketing Director for Leisure Sports, states that “Child care is a major benefit, because it helps us with our employee base as well as with our membership base.”

There are many considerations and issues that need to be addressed, and others that arise in the course of day-to-day operations, to create a quality child watch environment.

This article from Athletic Business addresses factors that should be considered when programming and planning for a child watch facility in a fitness center. It touches on the importance of a child’s brain development, facility and design considerations, appropriate toys/activities, staffing, maintenance and scheduling.

Full article:

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